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Traditional German Schultüte Arrives in the UK and Ireland

What I remember the most about starting school is the amazing gift my parents gave to me on my very first day. I grew up in Germany, where it is traditional for children to be given a Schultüte, which is a cone shaped gift, sometimes referred to in English as a School Cone. It's like receiving a Christmas stocking which is filled with layer after layer of practical items and treats to make the First Day at School really special and memorable. In fact, I come from a family where for generations First Day at School has been celebrated with a Schultüte.

Now a mother of three, and with Schultüten not readily available on the UK and Irish market, I was inspired to set up my company, Kiddicone. I wanted to share the joy I experienced of receiving one of these School Cones, and take away some of the anxiety that going to "big school" can create in children.

Schultüten are produced in various sizes, and after research with parents about our product, we supply a standard 70 cm. It is the the perfect size for a 4 to 5 year old starting Primary School, and it can be filled with a variety of items, including colouring books to clothes, stationery to stickers, and toys to treats. All of our Schultüten are hexagonal instead of round, to make them visibly more interesting and fun.

Our unfilled Kiddicone is perfect for creating a special and bespoke gift for children. If you are looking for inspiration and tips on items to include, follow us on Pinterest: ( Our new filled version is the ultimate gift, where we have selected practical and fun products to match the colour and themes of our designs.

We supply a range of popular colours and children's designs for both boys and girls, including Dinosaurs, Fairytale, Farm Animals, Owls and Pirates. New for 2017, we have introduced Diggers for the Boys and Fairies and Unicorn for the Girls.

So, spread the word! Let's make the First Day at School really special and celebrate it with a Kiddicone in the UK and Ireland!

Did you receive a Schultüte on your First Day at School? Do you wish you could have had one as a child? Please do share your comments, special memories, and photos with us.


Posted by Kiddicone on 17 May 2017 10:00

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